Thursday, October 20, 2011

Poe-a-tree Hop

Roy Durham is author of Roy's Garage Sell and Auction.  He also is the creator of the Poe-a-tree Hop.  This month's theme is 'Home is where...'
If you would like to participate, jump in and be sure to leave your link at Roy's site on his linky tool so we can all enjoy your contribution!

Home is where the soul is the happiest

Home is where the happy family lives
Home is where nothing can bring you down
Home is where everything good happens.

Home is where my sanctuary is
Home is where I find my solitude
Home is where no doubt can intrude
Home is where you place your heart.

Home is here.


  1. good one Josh and you did it right thank you and god bless i do really like it

  2. Beautiful words son. Home is so important for all of us. It is a place for family to stick together :)

  3. Simple, straight from the heart and beautiful.

  4. Lovely sentiments echoed in your poem.

  5. You home is really where your heart is Josh. Beautiful!

  6. I liked the line 'Home is where my sanctuary is'...that says so much about your family, Josh and since I know your Mom, I'm not surprised.

  7. nice job Josh ....As always...XOXOXOXO

  8. Beautiful poem Josh. Your words are from your heart.

  9. Beautiful Josh..Home to you, is what it should be to everyone. A place of acceptance and love.

  10. Home is right here... I love the second stanza of your poem... I didn't know you write beautiful poetry :) WOW!