Tuesday, March 13, 2012

You Tube Tuesday - Barefoot Blue Jean Night

Originating here, at Its Tiger Time, You Tube Tuesday is a day set aside for sharing your favorite video.  Feel free to join in and let's have fun seeing how creative us bloggers can be!  Each month I will highlight a selected video and present the "You Tube Tuesday" Award.  If you participate, please remember to leave your link in the Linky Tool that is available below.


  1. A feel good video ~ thanks for sharing and thanks so much for all your work with Youtube Tuesday: It makes blogging a lot more fun :-)

  2. Ooooohh. He's cute! LOL. I'm not really a country fan, but I'll watch him sing anytime. :)

  3. Thanks for Fun! Join me on my blog at
    Go Daily Deal Lovers

  4. I'm with Rachel on this one, what a good lookin kid he is. He can sing too, nice shoice summer time and country...

  5. Hello.
    Country's not really my taste, but it's a happy song & nice video.
    Thanks for sharing.