Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Jason: The Tales of an Assassin

Chapter 2
He rode and rode, finally now into the heart of the forest. He slowed his horse to a walk and carefully checked his surroundings. The chirping of birds was all to be heard at the moment. He rode on, carefully watching around him. By a huge white ash tree, he dismounts and places his gear on the ground. After taking the saddle off his horse he ties him to a fallen tree, loosely in case the need of quick escape. He lay his bedspread using the saddle as a pillow. He is cautious about how big his fire will be tonight not knowing the danger that surrounds him. "Maybe they are tracking me", Jason thought out loud. His thoughts turn true. Out of nowhere a small man attacks the great assassin, within seconds Jason has him disarmed and pinned with a knife at the attacker’s throat.
        "Please, please, sir, do not kill me. I only attack you to feed my family," he pleads.
        "Where does this family you speak of stay?"
        "Through there," The attacker points into the woods.
        "What is your name?"
        "Jiles, Stefan Jiles, good sir."
        "I am Jason, an assassin," says Jason while grabbing some rope and tying Stefan up.

Jason walks away, debating with himself whether to kill him or let him take Jason to his estate.

to be continued...

Monday, March 26, 2012

You Tube Tuesday: Remember the Titans

Originating here, at Its Tiger Time, You Tube Tuesday is a day set aside for sharing your favorite video.  Feel free to join in and let's have fun seeing how creative us bloggers can be!  Each month I will highlight a selected video and present the "You Tube Tuesday" Award.  If you participate, please remember to leave your link in the Linky Tool that is available below.