Monday, July 18, 2011

Friends Through Gaming Websites. Good or Bad Idea??

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 Playing a game online is pretty fun no doubt, but along with that is the friends or crazy stalker people, you know, that 50 year old pervert.  What do you do when those 'friends' want to be in your life through Facebook or Myspace?
This situation happened to me the other night. I was playing an online game called 'Runescape' and this young lady known as True_Tash, in the game, wanted me to add her on Facebook.   I did. After thinking more about it I though "You know what this isn't right to intertwine my personal and gaming lives together". This has happened to me before with another player. I added her and soon took her off my friends list.

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Then another question pops up: Is this any different than adding friends from Xbox to your Facebook? I think there is a difference, because on the Xbox side you actually get to hear the other person's voice, whereas when playing internet games, you only see what they type. So, I guess I'll figure this out with God's help and with yours also. I would love to know your thoughts on this and any other advise you might have to give about this matter. So, should we leave our personal life and gaming life apart even though they are very close?

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  1. It's tough even as an adult, I'm wary about who I add in from blogging to facebook personal. I'm more concerned about my son. I have his xbox live set up so he can add people but not the other way and requests go through me.

    I would be extra cautious about who you intertwine with, your Facebook is far more personal. With gaming you have a persona and you share exactly what you want to. With Facebook be it unintentional you could be sharing a whole lot more. Just be careful and be vigilant. Play safe :)

  2. You make a very good point SJ, thank you!!! :)
    -Tiger Out-

  3. If you use your facebook account for socializing, you have personal information that allows someone to identify where you live, and/or find out exactly who you are and where you go for your activities. Simple things like background, street signs, school names, etc. There are too many perverts out there just looking for a vulnerable child/teenager. And as any other child/teenager, you believe you are infallible and cannot be touched. Trust me, you still have a lifetime of experiences and learning to go through.
    With Xbox, it may be somewhat different, because you are actually conversing with someone, but that can still open yourself up to be taken advantage of.
    My careful and play safe. You know how I feel about all the social networking whether on computer or Xbox.

  4. Great post... I've recently wondered if I should make a Facebook strictly for family and keep my blog writing one for blog friends.. But then again I also don't share my friends list with my friends and rarely talk about family matters on my wall. I also keep a lot of my info "private" and I when I get a request to add I immediately look at what we have in common (friends, etc.) I click on their profile link and see what they share or hide. If its someone with no picture and keeps even "info bits" hidden I almost never add.

    Gaming I agree is somewhat different, you make up your own little world and share or be who you want. Xbox live or PS3 friends slightly different then bringing into your "real life" facebook. If you really felt the desire to add friends from your gaming fun, then maybe create a generic very "basic" facebook account giving it the personality of your gaming character.