Thursday, July 28, 2011

Gaming hostility

Why do people have to be so hateful? When I am on Xbox I experience this a lot, especially between US and UK kids.  It doesn't start with the British kids as some would suspect, it starts with the Americans. Ever since my friend from school, Jess, left Xbox because of account malfunctions, I have been hanging out with some British kids.  Surprisingly, they don't even think of me as an American anymore!  I guess this is good because they don't like America that much.

   When you get into one of the 'hate' lobbies there is a lot of cussing and screaming, usually nothing good comes out of it. So, you can guess how it feels to be an American yelling at your fellow countrymen to defend your friends.  Recently, I just started to ignore the other people in the lobby so I wouldn't have to hear everything said. This isn't the only form of hostility shown, usually everyone hates on the little kids because they just want to talk smack about how good they are, or were, until we just murder them on the game.  Then they just start again and they start yelling about how it was a fluke with them going 0-20. Then the yelling starts again.

  I'm not saying I haven't done this, I'm not perfect.  This is something I definitely don't approve of and would like to see it stop.  As a teenager, I just wonder why something  like on line gaming has become such a place of hostility.  When something has been invented to give us the opportunity to game with people all over the world, don't you think everyone should try to get along just a little better?  Would really like your opinion here.


  1. JoshNick,

    This is a very, very good post.... I think it is great that you are standing up and responsibility for your past actions on the "lobby"..

    I know it sucks to be picked on and heated especially when you are so young and your getting ganged up on by people you don't even know..

    Your doing the right thing by bring awareness to the issue of gaming and internet bullying.


  2. It's a shame that the hatred in the world carries over to the internet gaming sites, but unfortunately, it is found everywhere. It is good that you recognize it and avoid it as all it will do is bring you down. I am proud of you. Just keep doing like your have been and you will be just fine. And encourage your friend's to avoid it or dismantle it and one by one, you may make a difference in the 'gaming' world :)

  3. This worries me because Samuel has just started Xbox live. Admittedly it's just his friends from school so the shouting tends to be excitement based. We had an incident the other day where one of his school friends invited a friend who wasn't from the school and a few of the boys decided to gang up. Samuel stopped playing he told them gaming wasn't about bullying others and if that's how they play he's not interested. I'm proud of him for sticking up for someone he didn't know and I'm proud of you for thinking about this in such a mature way. If more kids thought like this gaming would continue to be fun, just how it's supposed to be.

  4. Be proud of yourself, Josh, that you can feel when something is not good, and you're looking for a solution. You can be a shining light, and lead by your example...keep focusing on the fun and enjoyment of gaming, and like-minded others will join you.

    You're an inspiration!